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Making Decks Look New Again 
Deck Restoration, Painting & Sealing

Servicing Decks in Melbourne’s Bayside, Inner South, Eastern Suburbs & Mornington Peninsula

Revitalise Your Deck with Expert Deck Restoration and Maintenance Service


Deck Revival: Your Trusted Deck Restoration and Maintenance Specialists

Deck Revival is the go-to company for all your deck restoration and maintenance needs. As experts in the field, we offer a wide range of services, including deck restoration, deck maintenance, deck painting, deck sanding, and deck revival. Trust us to bring new life to your deck and create an outdoor space you'll love.

Deck Restoration: Breathe Life Into Your Deck

Is your deck looking worn-out and weathered? Our deck restoration services are designed to bring back its original beauty. We have the expertise to repair damaged boards, replace rotten wood, and restore the structural integrity of your deck. Our team uses advanced techniques and top-quality materials to ensure a long-lasting and stunning result.


Deck Maintenance: Keep Your Deck in Pristine Condition

Regular maintenance is key to preserving the beauty and functionality of your deck. At Deck Revival, we offer comprehensive deck maintenance services to keep your deck in pristine condition year-round. From cleaning and sealing to regular inspections and repairs, our team will ensure your deck remains structurally sound and visually appealing.


Deck Painting: Add Colour and Protection

Looking to add a splash of colour to your deck? Our professional deck painters are skilled in transforming your deck with high-quality paints and stains. Whether you prefer a classic look or want to explore trendy colour options, we'll guide you through the selection process and deliver a flawless finish that enhances your outdoor space.


Deck Sanding: Smooth and Even Surfaces

To achieve a smooth and even surface for your deck, our deck sanding services are essential. Our skilled team utilises advanced sanding techniques to remove old finishes, smooth rough areas, and create a perfect canvas for a fresh coating. With our meticulous approach, we'll ensure your deck is ready for its next phase.


Deck Revival: Your Partner for Stunning Outdoor Spaces

Deck Revival is dedicated to providing high quality deck restoration, maintenance, painting, and sanding services. With our experienced team, professional approach, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we guarantee outstanding results that exceed your expectations.


Contact Deck Revival Today

Ready to give your deck the attention it deserves? Contact Deck Revival today to schedule a consultation. Our experts will assess your deck's needs and provide a tailored solution that brings it back to life. Experience the transformation and enjoy an outdoor space that revitalises your home.


Decking FAQ's & Advice


How often should my timber deck be recoated and maintained?

For proper deck maintenance, it is recommended to apply two coats to your timber deck at least once every year over a 5-6 year period. Deck Revival, the leading deck restoration and maintenance service company in Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula, specializes in deck painting, deck sealing, and deck maintenance.


I've had a new deck built, and the person who built it is going to coat it for me!

Stop immediately! To achieve the best results, do not allow just anyone to coat your new decking. Proper preparation is key. Let our experienced deck painters and sanders clean, chemically treat, and coat the timber using professional-grade tools and techniques.

I spoke to my friend Dazza, and he said I need to sand my deck back.

Don't be misled! Using aggressive sanders like drum sanders can ruin your decking timber, cut the heads of nails and screws, and leave old coating residue. Our expert deck sanders know how to prepare the surface properly without causing damage, ensuring a flawless finish.

How often should my deck be cleaned?

To maintain the beauty of your deck, hose it off every 2 weeks. Additionally, our deck maintenance services include a detailed chemical deck scrub and a light pressure clean every 2-3 months.


What's the best coating product to use on my decking?

When it comes to deck restoration and rejuvenation, we exclusively use professional-grade Dulux or Akzo Nobel products. Our deck painters apply high-quality deck paints, stains, and oils to protect and enhance the appearance of your decking area.

​​I’m confused. What is the difference between water-based synthetic oils, solvent-based oils, and deck stains?

Choosing the right coating product is essential. We can guide you on the benefits of water-based synthetic oils, which offer durability and retain the natural colours of the timber. We also explain the characteristics of solvent-based oils and deck stains, ensuring you make an informed decision for your deck.

I like the coastal grey look. Can I leave my deck unsealed/uncoated?

While the coastal grey look is trendy, leaving your deck unsealed or uncoated can lead to issues such as water damage, cracked boards, and cupping. 

When can I walk on my deck after it's been coated?

After we complete the coating process, allow up to 48 hours without foot traffic. It is recommended to wait 3-5 days before walking on the deck with shoes and at least 7-10 days before placing outdoor furniture on the surface. Our deck restoration services prioritize your convenience and satisfaction.

My deck isn't looking very good. It pools water and has cracked boards. Can my deck just be recoated and maintained?

For effective deck restoration, it is crucial to identify and address underlying issues. Whether it's neglected sealing, structural problems, or other concerns, our team ensures a thorough assessment and provides appropriate solutions to restore the beauty and functionality of your deck.

Will you do the job for less if I offer you cash and a few slabs?

Deck Revival operates with integrity and professionalism. We do not engage in discount offers for cash payments or additional incentives. Our focus is on delivering high-quality deck restoration services that meet your expectations and provide long-term value.

Are you and your business insured?

Rest assured, we prioritize your peace of mind. Deck Revival is fully insured with Imar Trade Insurance, covering personal injury and public liability up to $22 million. Our commitment to safety and accountability extends to our clients, ensuring a secure and reliable deck restoration experience.

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Black Rock
Blackburn North
Blackburn South


Box Hill

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Frankston South


Glen Huntley

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Glen Waverley


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